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June 19th – 23rd 2019 @ 5.45pm Effie is setting her future ablaze with a Molotov cocktail of youth, beauty, vodka, ketamine and rage! Each day she deploys a deadly combo of brutal and delicate cunning to get what she needs and what she really needs is to ‘top up’ from the night before and the night before that. She bounds from hungover to absolutely hammered again and again with the true determination and dedication that can only be admired. BTW, Effie is going to save us all. Our sacrificial deer who just couldn’t give a fuck. Iphigenia in Splott tells the story of a young woman who has no use for hopes or dreams… unless they belong to us. Conflicted Theatre use Gary Owen’s lauded script to transpose their bold storytelling into an honest-to-goodness theatre for the first time in quite a while. This powerful one-woman show screams of decaying urban atmospheres and provides Conflicted with the perfect launchpad for a show that will be loud and brash and violent and tender. This production is made possible by the Cork Arts Theatre and the Arts Council Emerging Artists Programme.
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