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The family owned Toy Soldier Factory has been established in Ireland since 1976. It is situated in the beautiful little village of Killnamartyra, half way between Killarney town and Cork City on the main N22 road only a short distance from Macroom town.

Thousands of tourists visit the Toy Soldier Factory which is free to the public and you can experience first hand how to cast a miniature, you can also take part in the Make and Paint workshops for a little charge.

Each product from the Prince August brand have been created from scratch at the factory e.g. from shaping the rubber moulds to the perfectly finished hand painted figures. This exciting hobby consists of melting metal in a ladle on a hot plate, carefully pouring the metal into the rubber mould and at the same time gently tapping the mould to get rid of any air bubbles, within a blink of an eye the magical figurine can be popped out ready for the next adventure, priming and painting.

The level of detail at which the figures come out of the mould really get you interested in painting the delightful figures to bring them to life. Prince August Toy Soldier Factory is so unique that it is one of the only places in the world to see Toy Soldiers being cast the same way that they have been since the 17th Century. Unleash your creative spirit and visit the Toy Soldier Factory today!!

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