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Mead (Miodh in Irish) is the world's oldest alcoholic drink, referred to as nectar of the gods, ambrosia, honey wine or honeymoon wine.

Chemical signatures consistent with the presence of honey and fermentation have been discovered in northern China in 7000 BC. In Europe, mead residual traces were found in ceramics from 2800-1800 BC, the archaeological culture known as the Beaker culture for its distinctive pottery drinking beakers.

Another stunning discovery of mead was made in the so-called Celtic chieftain's wagon grave at Hochdorf Germany dated back to 600BC.

Spend an hour on an entertaining, fun experience learning all about Mead in our Meadery in Kinsale. It starts with an overview of Mead's long and ancient global history.

We'll complete a tour of the production area where we store our honey and where our mead is fermented, matured and bottled.

You'll be able to taste four of our meads in our tasting room including some only on offer in the meadery, understanding each mead's flavour profiles and how best to serve and pair with different foods.

Google Maps may lead you astray so please use these directions!

Walking: We are 600m from the Tourist Office. Exit the Kinsale Tourist Office right, take a right and right again walking up Eastern Road (R600) in the Cork direction. Turn left up Featherbed Lane and then first right and in 50m, walk up the steps/ramp.

The Meadery is through the gates, up another small ramp, past the Post office at the end of that row.

Driving: Take the turn on R600 at Barrack Lane at the Garage/Dempsey's Hostel and follow the road around over the small roundabout and drive past Lidl through the gates to where there is parking.

The Meadery is up the short ramp on the right, past the Post Office at the end of that row.

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