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Four plays, four people, four stories, one moment that changed their lives Independent theatre company Burning Paper Productions presents 4-Play, a new four part theatre production, bringing together four writers, each with a story to tell. Revealing their inner most thoughts and experiences, each play is performed by each writer, delving into a personal journey of self discovery and one moment that profoundly changed and defined their lives. MY OLD MEN In her play, My Old Men, Liz Lucas considers how experiencing a life changing event does not have to be a dramatic one. My Old Men, conveys how small things can alter the course of a life forever and how the circle of life is completed by the growing appreciation and understanding of two influential figures in one womans life and the simple giving of a free gift. RAT Rat Scabies was the drummer in the punk band, The Damned. Seeing them perform that night in 1982, profoundly affected writer and performer, Wasps vs Humans (aka Carl Antony Plover). From that moment on, he only ever wanted to be a drummer in a band. In Rat, he relives that gig, the excitement, noise, energy and even reimagines the mind of Rat himself tackling fame, fallouts, regret and ultimately changing his life forever. TWO LINES Directionless and trying to fit in, life takes a dramatic turn in Linda Plovers play Two Lines. Confirming an unexpected pregnancy and a metaphor for change, this is a simple account of the experiences and challenges faced as a woman; from party girl to motherhood, she remembers her past and living in the moment is already a memory. THE SOFA In The Sofa Simon David Clarke plays a stand up comedian moving in a new direction. This time hes telling the truth and hes not too happy about it. He Shares the two seminal moments in his life. Faith and love are his themes; hope is his target and will this routine ever be good enough for Edinburgh? NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 16s
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