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The art of Irish boat building embodies resilience, defiance and survival. 'Boatyard: Clos mBad' is Anne Tilby’s shrine to the unknown fishermen and their lives at sea, and to the measured craftsmanship of the boat builders. Boatyard is an appreciation of the culture of slow design, In the 90s, Tilby devised Trash Factory, creating art with waste to address the deluge of plastic pollution. The Boatyard:Clos mBad uses junk plastic and recycled objects, including a 100 year old canvas sail with a dramatic life of its own. The sail, predating 1900, was re-purposed for a boat called the Angele Aline, a veteran of the Dunkirk Evacuation. The exhibition features a mesmeric sound installation of Irish voices, a collaboration with sound designer Steve Jones, a junk waste plastic sail and print works. Voluntary donation are welcome to the RNLI ( Irish Lifeboats)
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